bangladesh cow split leather

Chrome Wet blue cow split leather

Cow wet blue split leather.
Size: 12 sqft up. (Double Butt),
Thickness: 1.3 mm up.
Selection: No Vein Marks, No cuts, Well trim.

We specialize in Leather Item :-

Full chrome, Semi chrome, Full Vegetable, Semi Vegetable, Chrome-free, Ecological, Wet White Cow crust leather.
Full chrome Cow lining crust and upper crust leather.
Full chrome, Semi chrome, Full vegetable Buffalo crust leather.
Buffalo lining leather.
Full chrome, Full vegetable, Chrome-free, Ecological, Wet White Goat Crust leather.
Full chrome sheep crust leather (soft touch).
Crust leather :- Full/ Semi chrome/vegetable re-tanned natural/Drum Dyed cow/Buffalo/ goat/ sheep crust leather/Nappa Leather/Medium soft/More Soft/Smooth soft.
All kinds of Finished Leather.
Cow split Crust and Suede Leather.
Cow Wet Blue Split Leather.

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