Cow split Suede Leather

Cow Split Suede Leather

Cow Split Suede Leather.
Size : 9 sqft up.
Thickness : 1.2 mm up.
Selection: TR.
Color: (All Color Available).

We specialize in Leather Item:-

Full chrome, Semi chrome, Full veg & Semi veg Chrome-free (ecological)/Wet White Cow crust leather.
Full chrome Cow lining crust and upper crust leather.
Full chrome, Semi chrome & Full vegetable Buffalo crust leather.
Buffalo lining leather.
Full chrome, Full Veg & Chrome-free (ecological)/Wet White Goat crust leather.
Full chrome sheep crust leather (soft touch).
Cow split Crust and Suede Leather.
Crust leather :- Full/ Semi chrome/vegetable re-tanned natural/ drum through dyed cow/Buffalo/ goat/ sheep crust leather/Nappa Leather/Medium soft/More Soft/Smooth soft .
Finished Leather.
Cow Wet Blue Split Leather.

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